From the director's desk

Helping You get Better at Education

I just passed my Secondary exams but my undying love for helping others was inbuilt with me since childhood. But it was not for money neither for being powerful among others, it was just “connecting dots”. 

The year was 2004, at first I decided to glue hand written posters, back then mobile phones didn’t have such a craze, so it all depended on land lines  for my business, you can say my passion. There were numerous bottlenecks along the way, insults etc but none the less, Home Tutors went on. 

I am just a normal person, so I could never give any financial support nor jobs to any student, but when they could meet their financial needs by teaching other kids and return some love to their parents and when some students would come and say Dada, without you, I couldn’t have made it – That is just another level of inspiration to take this forward. 

Lets leave all this – Simply put, there’s been a lot of ups and downs along the way, but when you are really dedicated and determined, you just find a way and that is how I’ve held onto my dream of Home Tutors Kolkata. Now when I look back, some good, some not so good memories surround me.  There’s been many who tied me down, but somehow or the other there’s been an way out. 

Today, when there’s been a transition from Education to Business, I’m proud to say I have still held onto my roots and all my teacher friends help me achieve the same. I’ve always tried to be transparent, but none the less there’s been many out there who have tried to stigmatize me, but my war is with me. Now, there’s nothing to look and I won’t extend this writing any further. My effort is actually to unite students and teachers by “connecting the dots” in this divided world we live in today. 

If I’ve helped the students and their families and my teacher friends even a little, my small effort has gone a long way and I’m really happy for it.